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Episode 79 // Big Daddy Weave


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In this episode I talk with Big Daddy Weave about:

  • The story behind their latest project Beautiful Offerings and what God has done with it.
  • Stories behind the songs they have been writing.
  • How God has used the difficulties of life to minister to others through music.
  • The importance of understanding who we are in Christ.
  • Advice on how to stay close to God in the midst of the busyness of ministry.
  • Why we need to make sure to look after our own spiritual health.
  • How to be receptive to what God is doing in our worship services.
  • How to deal with mistakes when we’re leading.
  • The importance of vulnerability.
  • The co-writing that went on for this project.
  • Why we need to celebrate what God’s doing in the lives of others as a way to overcome comparison.
  • How we need to focus on scripture in our lives and let the songs we write flow from that.
  • How God can use the difficulties of doing ministry to set us up for stronger ministry.



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