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Episode 78 // Tim Timmons


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In this episode I talked with Tim Timmons about:

  • How God got him involved in worship ministry.
  • How God has used his incurable cancer.
  • The importance of having mentors in their life.
  • His style of leading worship and how we need to be ourselves when we lead.
  • Why our worship must be pointing people to Christ.
  • Thoughts on what worship actually is.
  • The balance between connecting with the crowd and connecting with God as we lead.
  • Why we need to help our congregations understand why they are singing what they are singing.
  • Why we need to actually give the why behind what we encourage our congregations to do.
  • The story behind his latest project “Awake our Souls” and how we can find more joy in our lives.
  • Beard advice!


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