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Episode 76 // Paul Baloche


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Wow guys, this episode has so much practical, spiritual, and musical help for us.  You’re going to love it!  In this episode I talk with Paul Baloche about:

  • How you can get superior quality recordings from your closet at home. (seriously, give it a try).
  • His latest efforts on periscope to offer some simple music theory and guitar help.
  • The importance for knowing guitar theory in our worship leadership.  Why we have to get beyond just learning shapes.
  • The relationship between the various chords in a progression and how we can learn nashville numbering to write music and lead worship.
  • How knowing these numbers and chord relationships allows us to effectively direct our teams.
  • Using open tuning when leading by ourselves.
  • How to avoid the “worship jukebox.”
  • The importance of keeping our songs in a range that is accessible for our congregations.
  • The idea of serving the moment and the people that we are called to lead in.
  • How Paul has applied his musical knowledge to his latest Christmas project.
  • What God has done with both of Paul’s Christmas projects.
  • How to best set ourselves up for success as a worship leader.
  • The importance of actually going into the place where we’ll lead worship during the week by ourselves and minister to the Lord.
  • The balance between wanting to become a better worship leader and staying humble in spending time with God.
  • God’s desire to spend time with us and the power that comes to our worship leading when we spend time with him.
  • Paul’s advice for new worship leaders as they begin to get involved in worship ministry.
  • Those things that we can do to prepare our hearts for the difficulty that comes with doing effective ministry.
  • Some simple steps to take to begin the discipleship process in our church.
  • Longevity in worship ministry and how to listen for God’s stirring to move us to another position.
  • How Paul got involved in worship ministry in the first place.
  • How our worship leading has transforming power on the people in our church.
  • Weekend worship being an extension of a life lived in worship.


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  1. I just started listening to these podcasts. Thank you guys for doing this! I’m a creative arts director for a church in NC and I’m going to be passing this stuff on to my team members and worship pastors. Keep it up!

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