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Episode 75 // Kristine DiMarco


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In this episode we talk about:

  • Her background and love for scripture.
  • The practice of singing scripture and pulling from the great hymns in church history.
  • Her experience at International House of Prayer.
  • The importance of writing music that can minister to multiple generations.
  • The balance between singing with chest and head voice and the effect it can have on our worship leading.
  • The writing process for her latest project and how God is working through the music now.
  • The faithfulness of God in our lives regardless of what we face.
  • Her overall writing process.
  • Who she has been working with to create music.
  • Her desire to combine modern worship with gospel sensibilities.
  • Who she is listening to both in worship and in secular music.
  • The need for theology in our worship.
  • What’s next for her.


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