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Episode 73 // Aaron Shust


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In this episode I talked with Aaron Shust about:

  • His latest project Doxology.
  • The process of collecting songs and recording them for the church to hear.
  • Some of the standout moments from the writing process.
  • The importance of strong theology in the songs we write and lead in the church.
  • Why we need to know what it is that we’re singing.
  • The roll music education played in preparing him to lead worship and write. (personal note:  if you haven’t hear Aaron play piano live, it’s pretty incredible).
  • What he’s doing at the local church he and his family attend.
  • Why it’s important to not be on the platform at your church all the time.
  • How worship can still happen regardless of the instruments (or lack thereof) on the platform.
  • The tremendous value of discipleship in worship ministry.
  • How to identify those people in your ministry to help become worship leaders.
  • His thoughts on the heart requirements of those we allow on our platform.
  • What’s coming up for Aaron this year.
  • How Aaron is learning to be more like Mary and less like Martha.
  • Morning devotional time as well as involving God in the work day.



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