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Episode 72 // 7eventh Time Down


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In this episode I talk with Mikey from 7eventh Time Down about:

  • The heart behind their latest project: God is on the Move.
  • The evolution of their style and how it related to their growth in life.
  • The balance of family and ministry.
  • Seeing God through the life of our children.
  • Advice for the young musician and worship leader.
  • Making sure that everything we do is rooted in who we are in Christ (this is the theme for our conferences this year!)
  • The importance of staying connected with God during the busyness of ministry.
  • Some advice to continue the habit of reading our Bible.
  • How leading worship is much more than just singing.
  • The songwriting and recording process.
  • Mikey’s favorite song on the album, at the moment at least!
  • The value in habit when it comes to songwriting as well as leading.
  • Where you can see 7eventh time down this fall.


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