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Episode 70 // Cam Huxford Returns // Ghost Ship


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In this episode Miles and Adam talk with Cam Huxford from Ghost Ship about:

  • The close of Mars Hill and the effect it had on the team.
  • How they helped plant a new church in the wake.
  • The Northwest Collective album and the worship nights that are continuing to go on.
  • How the team felt compelled to plant a church for the people that were at their campus when Mars Hill ended.
  • How songwriting for your own church and context is so important.
  • The story behind their new song Provide. (Here’s a link to Ricky’s review of the album)
  • How everything we have is ultimately from God as our provider.
  • How their latest album has come from daily devotional time and from being daily reminded by his love.
  • Which songs on the album Cam recommends for use in the church.
  • How God moves through people to build his church.
  • Advice for worship leaders.
  • The need for sacrificial living in the life of the church leaders.
  • How all believers are called to love each other and reach others for Christ.
  • Working with hymns and creating new arrangements out of them.
  • Where to go to get resources for their latest album.  Go here!

If you’re new to TCC, be sure to check out our first interview with Cam! and part 2.  and part 3!



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