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Episode 69 // Elias Dummer // The City Harmonic


In this episode I talk with Elias Dummer from The City Harmonic about:

  • How their team came about.
  • The importance of being the hands and feet of Christ in your local community.
  • How worship leaders came together to lead together in Hamilton.
  • The value in getting together with other Christians who do not believe exactly as we do.
  • The heart behind their song “manifesto.”
  • How connecting with other worship leaders has to be rooted in a need in the community.
  • The intersection of worship and mission.
  • How Elias is involved in a church plant in Nashville.
  • The balance of ancient-future worship.
  • We go through the creative process of a service.
  • How our body language has an effect on our worship participation.
  • How to plan an entire worship service that has an intentional plan.
  • The story behind their new project “We Are.” Check out the documentary Elias mentions in the podcast here.




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