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Episode 67 // Tim Hughes


In this episode, Adam Dolhanyk, Chris Bellamy, and myself talk with Tim Hughes about:

  • How Tim went from leading worship to planting a new church.
  • The transition from being a lead worshiper to a lead pastor.
  • How the lead pastor is also the lead worshiper.
  • The importance of getting creatives and artists together and build community.
  • His thoughts on the current state of worship.
  • The ease in which we can get stuck in familiarity in songwriting.
  • The church and the  “overprofessionalization” of worship ministry.
  • The importance of letting a local community express worship.
  • The value of understanding the context in which we introduce music to our church.
  • How to build a community of creativity in churches big or small.
  • The other side of the story of Matt Redman’s thoughts on Here I am to Worship
  • His latest project “Pocket Full of Faith.”
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