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Episode 66 // Preparation is Key


In this episode myself and three of our core team members (Chris, Brian, and Fox) talk about:

  • The balance between being a touring artist and a worship leader.
  • The mindset that is required to do both.
  • How both the local worship leader and the touring artist have to communicate Christ on the platform.
  • The planning that has to be involved in getting together any worship set.
  • How truly effective worship leaders aim to serve others.
  • The more we lay down ourselves, the more effective our worship leadership becomes.
  • How we have to set up times where people can really connect with God.
  • How God does the promotion when we keep Him in focus.
  • The importance of preparing musically to allow for the worship leading to come from a place of overflow.
  • The impact we have when we aren’t promoting ourselves.
  • How we have to be fully prepared to be able to engage the church in worship.
  • What people need in worship vs what they want to hear in worship.
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