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Episode 65 // Matt Redman


In this episode Chris and I talked with Matt Redman about:

  • The recording and songwriting process in Abbey Road.
  • How God moved during the night of worship that became his latest project.
  • How the title song came together just shortly before the worship night.
  • The importance of having a flexible team.
  • The team involved in the recording.
  • The songwriting process leading up to this album.
  • Advice for worship leaders who want to develop a collaborative songwriting culture.
  • How Matt keeps himself inspired.
  • Matt’s sense on what songs will gain momentum in the church.
  • Advice for worship leaders that are just starting out.
  • The value of songwriting in the local church context.
  • The importance of experience in the life of the worship leader.
  • Mentorship and pouring into others.
  • The interplay between scripture and songwriting.
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