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Episode 61 // Joel Houston // Hillsong United


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In this episode I had the chance to talk to Joel Houston from Hillsong United about:

  • How he has cultivated his ability as a songwriter and lyricist.
  • The importance of the Bible in his songwriting.
  • What Joel’s personal relationship with God looks like.
  • What growing up in the church was like for him.
  • The balance of family life and ministry.
  • How church and family need not be separated from each other.
  • What the team culture looks like for Hillsong United.
  • The collaborative nature of the songwriting process.
  • The importance of letting others operate in their strengths in their team.
  • The writing process for their latest album, Empires.
  • The process they went through to decide which songs would end up on the album.
  • The evolution of the Hillsong United Sound.
  • Some of the gear used during the album.
  • How they used all analog equipment.
  • How they didn’t use any distortions or drives on the guitars.
  • Whether Joel prefers pizza or doughnuts.

You can read our worship rundown of the album here.



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