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Episode 59 // Midnight 30 Music // Ambient Notes



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Interview with Joshua from Midnight 30.

  • How he designed the starry night delay pedal.
  • How he and Bryan got together to make an Ambient Notes pedal.
  • How all 15 sold out within two days and then had 22 orders.
  • The origin of the name Midnight30.
  • How he balances a full time worship leader job, doing pedals, and being a father and husband,
  • How he involved his kids in the pedal building process.
  • How he reads seeking God’s face, praying through the Bible in a year.

Interview with Bryan of Ambient Notes and Gearnerds

  • How ambientnotes came about.
  • How Bryan got involved with gearnerds.  Check out our interview with Nic here.
  • Bryan and his wife’s heart for adoption and how the gear community helped make it happen.
  • The story behind how their adoption processes.
  • Some advice for anyone thinking about adopting.
  • How he got involved with Joshua in creating the ambientnotes pedal.


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