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Episode 56 // Jon Micah Sumrall


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In this episode Chris talked with Jon Micah Sumrall about:

  • His latest project “Faith and Family” and the heart behind why he titled it as such.
  • The importance of both our faith and our family as children of God.
  • The inclusion of some love songs that he hasn’t been able to release on other projects before.
  • How the sound of this project differs from a Kutless album.  How they decided to not have any electric guitar on the album.
  • The history of the piano that was used for the project.
  • The lack of love songs in Christian music and how Jon hopes this project will give something to Christians wanting a faith-based love song.
  • The inclusion of scripture in the worship songs on the album.
  • The people involved on the album.
  • A breakdown of Jon’s guitar rig for the recording.  A custom handbuild breedlove.  Check out the process he went through to get his guitar over on his tumblr.
  • How they didn’t use much compression during the recording process.
  • The breedlove blackmagic that he uses to perform live.
  • How you can catch Jon as a solo artist while Kutless is out on tour.

Connect with Jon on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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