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Episode 55 // Worship Mob


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Our friends over at We Are Worship are also giving away charts for six of the songs here.

In this episode Miles and I have a great conversation with Garrett and Sean of Worship Mob.  We talk about:

  • The vision behind Worship Mob.
  • The need for worship leaders to be poured into.
  • The importance of allowing God to sing through us.
  • The recording process for their new album.
  • How God works when we release the burden of doing ministry to him.
  • How the team members for the Worship Mob recordings meet and play together for the first time.
  • The need for love and acceptance for artists and worship leaders.
  • How we can burden ourselves in the work of ministry.
  • Why we need to be daily connecting with God.
  • How God is in us, we don’t need to try to make Him show up in our worship experiences.
  • How worship leaders have to spend time with God personally to be able to lead effectively on the weekends.
  • How we need to speak from our heart as we lead.
  • The weight of leading every week. How God wants to use us in spite of our difficulties.
  • How to deal with insecurities in worship leading.  The importance of vulnerability in leading.
  • The freedom we have in Christ.
  • The importance of loving your worship team and giving them the freedom to worship.
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