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Episode 53 // Theology in Worship

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In this episode we talk with Brian Campbell and Joel Muddamalle about the importance of theology in worship leadership as well as how Logos Bible software can help you better study the scriptures. We talk about:

  • How many worship leaders feel like they do not have enough time to study the Bible.
  • The difference between studying the Bible as a connecting time with God and as preparing for a worship service.
  • How we can get stuck in the cycle of simply producing services and forget to connect with the God who wants to be involved in the service.
  • How we can lose sight of solid doctrine if we chase experience too much.
  • How we can chase the experience so much that we lose the chance to learn solid doctrine and how logos Bible software helps with that.
  • The value of context when reading scriptures such as psalms.
  • The importance of the history of music in the church and the impact it can have on our services.
  • How God needs to be working in our lives if we’re to have effective worship ministry.
  • Separating times of study and times of intimacy in God’s word.
  • The need for accountability.
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