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Episode 52 // Don Moen

Wow guys, this is one heck of an episode.  Chris and I had the chance to talk worship with Don Moen.  We talk about:

  • His organization Worship in Action.
  • How worship is not merely what happens on the weekend and how worship leaders have gotten this wrong.
  • How a healthy time of worship will lead to being the hands and feet of Christ to people in need.
  • How worship as it is today isn’t emphasized by Jesus.
  • The importance of not getting caught up in the production of the weekend at the expense of meeting people where they are.
  • How the people coming to church for the weekend desperately need to connect with God.
  • The importance of finding moments in a service to connect people to God.
  • The art of creating atmosphere for people to interact with God.
  • The danger of letting a musical style be the goal of a church worship service.
  • How a healthy worship leader will be able to connect across all generations.
  • How to work with songs in different keys.
  • Advice for worship leaders who want to see years of fruitful music ministry.
  • How a time of testimony can also be part of worship.
  • The danger of defining worship as just the musical portion of a church service.
  • Practical advice for songwriting.
  • The habit of writing and songwriting.  How God is involved in the process.
  • The importance of asking for and taking to heart feedback about your songs.
  • Don’s time at Integrity Music.  How he would take the time to listen through the music submitted to the label.
  • How he navigated new seasons in ministry and how he held close to God in the midst.
  • His overseas worship leading time.

2 Responses to “Episode 52 // Don Moen”

  1. Chris McDougall November 26, 2014 at 9:33 am Reply

    Don Moen has honestly been one of the most influential worship leaders for me, and every interview I’ve listened to that he’s been in has been all sorts of encouraging with a lot of great advice. Can’t wait to listen to this.

  2. It was fantastic Chris! He brings so many years of experience to the conversation.

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