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Episode 51 // Show Up On Time

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You know how it goes.  You’re all set to start your worship practice and that one team member isn’t there yet.  This week’s episode was a great roundtable discussion with myself, Ben, Josh, Chris, Chris, Fox, and Scott.  Here’s what we talk about:

  • The challenge of making sure that you start to practice on time.
  • Chris‘s story on how he changed the culture at his church.  The difference he felt as he came in from a professional musician background.
  • The importance of coming in as a professional.
  • The value in understanding the culture of the church and worship ministry you are working with.
  • Actually loving your team and treating them as a family.
  • The importance of leading by example as you start your worship practice.
  • How crucial it is to be involved in the lives of your worship team members.
  • The growth that can be seen both in the church and in the worship ministry through creating a culture of professionalism.
  • The crucial element of starting your rehearsal with a devotional.
  • How Chris locks his door at the start of rehearsal helped people stop showing up late.
  • How your being prepared for rehearsal is a reflection of your respect for your position.
  • The value of warming up before rehearsal and getting everything set up in the room before the downbeat.
  • Communicating the expectation of starting on time.
  • How you can’t become complacent about pushing your team to not be content.  Chris has a great post about complacency here.
  • Raising the bar in ministry and how starting on time is a crucial part of the process.




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