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Episode 50 // Jonathan Lee of Centric Worship

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In this episode I had a great conversation with Jonathan Lee of Centric Worship about:

  • How he and the team prepared for a songwriting retreat.
  • The songwriting process when you get together with so many great songwriters.
  • How they managed to put a recording together in a matter of weeks.
  • How they caught the great moments of worship during the recording.
  • The balance of doing songwriting and being a local worship leader.
  • How churches all over the world tend to be doing through the same struggles.
  • The importance of being the pastor of your family first and foremost.
  • Discipleship in worship ministry.
  • The value of having a once a month community night time for a worship team.
  • The importance of delegating.
  • The value in duplicating ourselves.
  • How to create a culture in which your team members don’t own specific songs in the set.
  • The importance of having a mentor and how to go about finding one.
  • The struggle for a worship leader to try to stay relevant.

One Response to “Episode 50 // Jonathan Lee of Centric Worship”

  1. Jonathan is an amazing guy with heart to shepherd people to the Lord. I was fortunate enough to have spent a season of life with him leading worship and such. He models what he teaches. He took me and others under his wing. He poured two full time jobs into his pastoral work. He gave time to those who just needed to talk and pray. He truly is an awesome guy. I was so excited to see this awesome connection! Thanks to Ryan and the rest of the @thechurchcollective team for putting this together.

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