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Episode 48 // Ask the Collective // How do I Become a Worship Leader?

In this episode I talked with Fox and Ben about what first steps are needed to take to become a worship leader.

This is the first of our “Ask the Collective” podcast episodes.  If you have a question that you’d like to hear some of the contributors respond to, please get in touch with us!

Some things we cover:

  • The importance of loving people in worship ministry.
  • How the weekend experience is an extension of a private life of worship.
  • The importance of having a personal relationship with God.
  • Recognizing that mistakes happen when leading worship.
  • How even a “bad” worship service can be used by God in a powerful way.
  • The value of learning music theory.
  • The need for having an understanding of the worship technology involved at your church.
  • Finding a mentor and mentoring others.
  • An app that you can use to sync up everyones phones during a service.
  • Sound training posts from Fox.
  • God’s search for humility.
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