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Episode 39 // Chris Sligh

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I had a really great conversation with Chris Sligh about:

  • What it was like growing up in a family that was deeply involved in ministry.
  • How he came to know God and really make his faith his own.
  • His first job at a church doing youth worship and youth pastoring.
  • How he was involved in multi-site work at seacoast church just as it was starting.
  • Why he decided to try out for American Idol and how God was involved in the process.
  • The difference between CCM and artist music in the christian music world.
  • His prayer to God to be able to spend more time with his family and the profound way God answered.
  • Moving from his artist career to full time worship ministry and how God met all his needs.
  • What it’s like doing worship ministry at a 7500 person church. Shoreline in Austin, Tx.
  • How he started to change the worship style at his church.
  • The choice to move away from paying musicians in worship ministry.
  • What he does to keep close to God in ministry.
  • The process of writing songs and keeping yourself filled with the Spirit.
  • A breakdown of his 3 hour rehearsal time.
  • The importance of speaking well of the ministry that has been done before you joined.


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