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Episode 34 // Jadon Lavik // Crystal Lewis // An Easter Together

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In this episode of the podcast we have interviews with Jadon Lavik and Crystal Lewis.  If you’re in southern california, you’re going to want to head to An Easter Together.  Be sure to check it out!

Here are some highlights from the convo with Jadon:

  • How he got involved in worship ministry.
  • The influence Rick Muchow had on him.
  • How he moved from being a touring artist to now pouring in to the local church.
  • What a typical weekend service looks like for his church.
  • His involvement in An Easter Together.
  • How to go about doing a city wide worship service.

And here are notes from our interview with Crystal Lewis:

  • How she got involved in ministry.
  • The influence her parents had on her musicianship.
  • The value of training your kids in music.
  • The new ministry she’s doing with her daughter.
  • The joy of leading worship with other worship leaders.
  • The heart behind her blog.
  • How to deal with burn out.
  • How she keeps her voice healthy.  Her thoughts on Phil Wickham’s recent vocal fatigue.
  • The balance of using your platform for the glory of God.
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