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Episode 29 // Jeff McIntosh of Church Motion Graphics // Part 3 with Cam Huxford of Mars Hills Ghost Ship

This episode has your whole worship ministry covered.  We start with an interview with Jeff McIntosh of Church Motion Graphics.  We talk about:

  • How Jeff got involved in creating graphics for worship.
  • The power of someone believing in you and pushing you forward in ministry.
  • The value of technology in the worship service.
  • His great new e-book The Worship Media Handbook.
  • Great practical tips for the techs in ministry.

We then finish up our interview with Cam Huxford of Mars Hill’s Ghost Ship.  We talk about:

  • How he brought his musical style to Seattle and found people who resonated with him.
  • The balance between serving at a local church and at larger conferences.
  • The process of recording their latest album.
  • The value of Sabbath in our lives.
  • How you can record a great album with simple equipment.
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