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Episode 25 // Shalon Palmer of PadLoops

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I had a great time talking with Shalon Palmer about his PadLoops and ministry in general.  We chat about:

  • How he started making PadLoops.
  • How worship leaders are using the PadLoops to enhance worship.
  • How he’s recently started going to school at Gateway.
  • The value of getting an education as a worship leader.

2 Responses to “Episode 25 // Shalon Palmer of PadLoops”

  1. Great interview! I love that Shalon invented the padloops product to assist musians in worshipping our Savior!! True worship is part of that relationship with Jesus that he is talking about here.
    Its great that he gets this and persues it!

    • Hey Lynn, thank you so much! I like to consider myself an entrepreneur, and it really is humbling when the Holy Spirit breathes new ideas into me. I feel like I’m right where he wants me to be. Creating and serving God as I do it.

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