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Episode 22 // An Interview with Nick Kaskel

I talked with Nick Kaskel who plays with Brian Campbell about how God moved through their most recent tour.  We also talk about:

  • Nick’s journey to becoming a touring musician.
  • Practical tips to become a better worship guitarist.
  • The value of taking guitar lessons.
  • Nick’s personal Testimony.
  • What’s coming up for Brian Campbell and his team.
  • Beard tips!

Also, Nick has a fantastic two year old who really wanted to be on the podcast too just in case you were wondering!

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2 Responses to “Episode 22 // An Interview with Nick Kaskel”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Just wanted to see if this podcast interview with Nick Kaskel was still available? Seems that the file is unresponsive.

    • Hey David, I think some of these older episodes might not play right on the site. I just checked and you can listen to this episode if you get to it via apple podcasts. Thanks for checking in and let me know if you need anything else!

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