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Episode 131 // How to Be a Better Leader

In this episode, a couple of our main contributors over on the East Coast got together to talk about some practical worship leadership stuff.  They’re part of a fantastic connect group that you should get involved with. Check it out here. Some specific topics discussed:
  • The importance of being teachable as a leader.
  • Why we need community around us to help us grow as leaders.
  • How older leaders can learn from younger leaders.
  • Why we have to be open to constantly learning but also willing to change.
  • Some simple steps to combat pride in our lives.
  • How to avoid an entitlement mindset.
  • Why we absolutely have to delegate and set up others for success.
  • The tension that comes from handing authority over to others and how we can navigate it.
  • How to not let insecurity control how we lead.
  • Why we have to make sure we’re listening to feedback from those around us.
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