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Episode 130 // Darlene Zschech

In this episode myself and Chris Bellamy got to talk with Darlene Zschech about:
  • How God called her and her husband out in a step of faith to plant a church.
  • The worship conference that her church will be doing for the first time this year.
  • Fostering a heart of gratitude in everything we do and in every stage of our lives.
  • Her role in coaching and encouraging worship leaders.
  • Who some of her influences were when she began in worship.
  • The importance of unity among churches.
  • How to go about identifying those whom God would have us mentor and train.
  • The role of the worship leader as an encourager.
  • Why we should stay out of the green room on a regular basis.
  • How to go about setting up a culture of team worship leadership.
  • Practical advice for longevity in worship ministry.
  • The importance of evolving and staying fresh as we grow older.
  • Why the worship world at large is in need of mentorship.
  • What new music Darlene is listening to.
  • The heart behind her latest project.
  • Her health journey and what God did through it.
  • How to look toward God when we don’t feel like it.
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