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Episode 129 // Covenant Worship

In this episode I talked with Joshua and David from Covenant Worship about:
  • The creation of an album that might not necessarily be intended for corporate worship but how God can use the music in a corporate setting.
  • How we can incorporate various elements in to our service to glorify God.
  • What the week to week ministry looks like at their home church.
  • The importance of discipleship and why we need to work ourselves out of a job.
  • Some simple ways to empower our volunteers on a weekly basis.
  • The need for and power of team worship leadership on the weekends.
  • Advice for longevity in ministry.
  • How God expands our ability and leadership when we actively empower others.
  • Why we have to leave room for others to make mistakes.
  • How we can work with our church leadership to help them understand why making mistakes is important for growth.
  • What God has been doing through their ministry and what they’ve been learning.
  • Spiritual health best practices for our worship teams.
  • Ways for our community to pray for their ministry.
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