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Episode 127 // Kim Walker Smith

In this episode myself and Chris Bellamy get to talk to Kim Walker-Smith about:

  • Her newest project, “On My Side”
  • The dynamic of creating a personal album while being involved in the music and life of Jesus Culture.
  • Some practical advice on how to manage the tension of personal ministry and corporate ministry in our churches.
  • Thoughts on doing live vs studio work.
  • A rundown of who was involved on the p
  • Practical advice for vocalists.  Ways to keep your voice healthy and how to both warm up and cool down.
  • The realities of doing ministry when you’re a parent and how to find some sort of balance with it.
  • Why family is the first ministry we have to focus on.
  • Important thoughts on how to set in-ear monitors and why it is vitally important for us
  • Family and ministry balance.  Some really incredible thoughts on how to keep family first.
  • The big question!  Kim’s signature laugh while leading worship and what’s behind it.
  • How to keep ourselves connected with God while leading regularly.  Ways to keep the worship time fresh for both us and the congregation.
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