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Episode 120 // Jenn Johnson // Bethel Music

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In this episode I had the chance to talk to Jenn Johnson about:

  • What the day to day ministry of Bethel Music looks like.
  • The heart behind Jenn and Brian’s latest project together.
  • How God uses our life circumstances to mold our hearts and the songs we write.
  • What it looks like to do ministry with your spouse.
  • The value of counseling in the life of a marriage.
  • Thoughts on changing culture in the local church.
  • How to identify and empower leaders within the church.
  • Who to combat the jealously that may come from helping others become better worship leaders than ourselves.
  • Why we need to trust God to take care of us through seasons of life.
    How to keep our hearts open to what God is directing us to do.
  • The way they plan and schedule people for church services at Bethel as well as touring schedules.
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