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Episode 11 // Not Compromising Theology for a Worship Job // Pedal Maker Matthews Effects

In this episode I had the chance to talk with Chris Burke, an awesome worship leader from Canada who had to make the tough choice to pass up a job opportunity because of theological differences.  We talk about:

  • The importance of the worship leader and pastor being on the same page theologically.
  • Praying through taking a job as a worship leader.  Being patient in the process.
  • The danger of compromising your beliefs for the sake of taking a job.
  • The process of finding a job
  • How cool of a guy Chris Vacher is.
  • Asking yourself the question, do I want my kids to sit under the teaching of the church I’m looking at?

I then interview Rick Matthews from the pedal company Matthews Effects.  We talk about:

  • Where he’s serving in worship ministry.
  • How he got in to making guitar pedals.
  • The importance of a tuner!

Get in touch with Chris on facebooktwitter, instagram, or his website

Get in touch with Matthews Effects on facebook, twitter, instagram, or their website.

One Response to “Episode 11 // Not Compromising Theology for a Worship Job // Pedal Maker Matthews Effects”

  1. Being from the south east US the process of finding a staff position is very similar. I have had a similar experience with a church where it just wasn’t a good fit.

    I have a pedal that Matthews Effects modded. He is pretty awesome! I have plans to get several more.

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