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Episode 107 // Jeff Sandstrom // Worship Through Production


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In this episode I talk with Jeff Sandstrom about:

  • What it looks like to run production for Worship Night in America.
  • Worship Connect at Sweetwater.  We’ll be there!  You should too!
  • Details about all the technology used for some of the biggest worship events.
  • How to go about aligning tech and worship vision.
  • The role a sound guy plays in helping the congregation participate.
  • The need for preparation for the production team.
  • The additive approach for mixing.
  • How to do a professional soundcheck every week at your church.
  • The need for the production team to be familiar with the music they are preparing.
  • The language needed between techs and platform.
  • How vital relationships are for the worship and production teams.
  • Why healthy relationship allow for mistakes and growth to happen.


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