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Episode 104 // Leeland


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In this episode I had the chance to talk with Leeland about:

  • How the band Leeland came to be.
  • What it was like growing up in a traveling ministry family.
  • How powerful it can be to have mentors in our lives.
  • Why Jesus needs to be at the forefront of our ministry.
  • The danger of identifying ourselves by our musicianship or worship leadership.
  • Why we need to foster a heart for worship in the secret place.
  • The story behind how “Lion and the Lamb” came about.
  • The importance of collaboration in songwriting and leadership.
  • The change in the team and how Leeland and Casey came to Bethel.
  • Some practical advice for learning how to have worship in the secret place.
  • How to rekindle a hunger for God in our personal devotional times.





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