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Episode 101 // Dustin Smith // Part One


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In this episode myself and Adam talk with Dustin Smith about:

  • His heart and ministry in The Healing Project.
  • Why we need to be focused on the people in our church over the music.
  • Dustin’s dream about the healing power of music.
  • What Dustin has seen God do through his music.
  • The power of declaring God’s place over everything in our life.
  • Encouragement for the weekly worship leader.
  • Why we need to think more about the people we are serving rather than the music.
  • The value of personal worship time and the effect it has on corporate leadership.
  • The need to become more community driven rather than song driven.
  • Why we need to not try to emulate everything we see the bigger churches doing.
  • The importance of growing in our leadership and not fall in to just imitating.
  • How the lyrics we sing are so valuable in the framing of our theology.
  • The need to write songs that bring value to everything we do in our church service.
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