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Episode 100 // Travis Ryan


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In this episode I talk with Travis Ryan about:

  • The tension of writing music from a place of brokenness.
  • The reason for worship music in the first place.
  • Why we need to be vulnerable as worship leaders.
  • The tension of being an artist and a worship leader.  Why that idea is flawed in the first place.
  • The honor of being an artist in a community.
  • How to become more vulnerable in your worship leadership.  Encouragement for how to connect help your pastor let you be more vulnerable on the platform.
  • Why the music we write from our personal experience can also effect those we lead.
  • Infusing humanity in a weekend worship service.
  • Understanding who we are in light of who God is.
  • Why people respond to realness in our leadership.
  • The difference between honoring and respecting our leadership.
  • Why we need to help others become better followers of Jesus.
  • How to stay inspired.
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