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Ask the Collective Episode 7 // Vocal Health for Worship Leaders

In this episode myself and Cliff talk about vocal health!  Here’s what we chat about:

  • The danger of singing too much.
  • Fear of having nodules or nodes.
  • What exactly a nodule is and how we can avoid getting them.  Some encouragement for those that think they may have them.
  • The mechanics of singing.
  • Why it is so important for us to get proper training for singing.
  • How much of our vocal troubles could be the result of anxiety.
  • Why we should pass on the leadership on the platform for the sake of our own vocal health.
  • Some practical advice for taking care of our vocal chords.
  • Caffeine and Dairy and their effect on our voice.
  • Cliff’s vocal training advice.
  • How to head off a cold.


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