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Ask the Collective Episode 5 // A Worship Ministry that’s Part of the Congregation

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In this episode Cliff Lampbert, Spence Parkerson, and myself answer a called in question about:

  • The relationship between leading the congregation in worship both on and off the platform.
  • Taking the chance to connect with the congregation.
  • The importance of spending time talking with church members.
  • How we need to work toward helping our worship ministry team members get involved in other ministries.
  • The value of being in a small group that isn’t just worship ministry members.
  • How to encourage new members of the worship team to not get stuck just hanging out with musicians.
  • Why we as leaders need to lead the way in showing our team that leading worship is more than what’s going on on the platform.
  • How we should spend time going into a service every weekend.  Not spending the whole time in the greenroom.
  • Giving our team members some time on the stage to talk to the congregation.

Here’s some fresh music from Spence.

Here’s the article Cliff talks about in the episode!


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