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Ask the Collective // Episode 4 // Connecting and Collaborating with Local Worship Leaders

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In this episode Callie Garret, Ryan Loche, and Paul Zach talk about:

  • How it can be lonely to be the only creative on staff at church.
  • How the Charlottesville Worship Collective came about.
  • The importance of joint ownership of a local worship leader group.
  • Why we need community with other artists and people that are going through the same things we are.
  • How to actually find worship leaders local to you.
  • Relationship being the most important part of getting with others.
  • How to go about getting buy-in from the senior pastors in the area.
  • Combining musical styles and sensibilities.
  • Simple steps to start connecting with other leaders in the area.
  • The value of cowriting songs.


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