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Ask the Collective // Episode 3 // Song Selection

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In this episode Adam Dolhanyk, Miles Nelson, Chris Bellamy, and Ryan Loche talk about:

  • The process we use to select music in our churches.
  • The method we go through to bring in a new song.
  • The roll that hymns can play in our churches.
  • Looking for participation as a gauge for wether a song is working.
  • How to go about blending hymns with more modern choruses and how the demographic of our congregations should influence our choices.
  • Why we need to not try to emulate everything we hear and see the big worship ministries doing.
  • How we need to not rush to have a full stage of musicians and singers at the expense of the spiritual health of our team.
  • The role of theology in our song selection.
  • How we can have a full worship sound when we’re playing only by ourselves.
  • The use of pad loops in our worship.  Here’s our interview with Shalon Palmer about his loops.
  • The art of mashing songs together and how we can go about practicing it.
  • The use of social media in getting our congregation hearing new music.
  • How we sometimes need to lead songs that we don’t particularly love.


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