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Ask the Collective // Episode 2 // Should the Worship and Tech Teams Mix?

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In this episode, Fox and I go at it with a big debate that he and I have at our church.

  • He believes that the tech and worship teams need not mix.
  • I believe that he’s just wrong.
  • Many of our contributors are somewhere in between.
  • Why our heart for what we’re doing matters.
  • How we as leaders need to make sure that we are protecting our volunteers from burnout.
  • Why we have to ensure our volunteers are in the right positions.
  • How some of the people in Chris’s ministry have moved from tech to the platform and back and forth and the fruit that has come from it.
  • How the combo position is often a function of necessity.
  • Why we should look toward serving where the need is at our church in the short term but be mindful of what God is doing in our lives for the long term.
  • How we need to make sure we are raising people up who are passionate about their position in ministry.

Also in this episode: Cliff Lambert, Christopher Bellamy, Laura Blankenship, Syndey Merrel, Ricky Ragone, Fox Watterson, Adam Dolhanyk.


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