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Ask the Collective 6 // Choosing and Creating Music for Your Home Church

In this episode we talk with Chris from Brothers McClurg about the heart of selecting music for our church.  Some topics covered:

  • How every church will have it’s own unique needs for worship.
  • The desire to sound just like the recordings of bigger worship ministries and the struggle that can cause.
  • The need for songs in our sets that cause thought for our congregation.
  • How it is ok to do stripped down sets and music.
  • Starting the service with something more contemplative than a big uptempo one.
  • The art and craft of set building.  The importance of understanding who will be at the service and what they’ll need to sing.
  • How to maintain our spiritual walk with God.
  • Writing for our congregation or writing in emulation of others.
  • The importance of relationship with your senior pastor.
  • Encouragement for new worship leaders.
  • The place of hymns in our sets.
  • The need to connect our congregations to the truth of what they’re singing.



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  1. Excellent and uplifting information especially being a music leader, I’m hearing Chris describe the struggles in reaching all generations where people are at different places in their walk and seeing God make breakthroughs using his talents! Thank you Chris!

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