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Ask The Collective // Episode 9 // Where is the Church going?


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In this episode myself, Chris Bellamy, Chris Sligh, and Adam Dolhanyk talk about:

  • What we think is going on with worship ministry and church in general.
  • How the change in church culture is cyclical.
  • The reality of the retirement of a lot of mega church pastors.
  • How the internet has helped break down the walls for worship leaders and churches.
  • The balance of churches focusing on multi-generations vs younger generations.
  • Why the senior pastor has to be able to cast vision for the direction of the church.  The support that younger leaders can provide in these transitions.
  • Some history lessons from Hillsong, Brian Houston, and Calvary Chapels.
  • The back and forth pull between multiple worship leaders vs a single leader on the weekend.
  • The value of the mega-church experience on the life of a growing young leader.
  • The pull back from video campuses for a live teacher on each campus.
  • The balance of smaller church communities vs the big church experience.

This was a fantastic convo and I hope it was a help for you in your church!  We’d love to hear from you, go ahead and leave a comment here with your question and we’ll answer it in a coming episode of Ask the Collective.  If you haven’t had a chance to get plugged in to our facebook group yet, please do so!  You’ll find a ton of really helpful church leaders, worship leaders, musicians, techs, and creatives.






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