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Ask The Collective // Episode 14 // How Loud Should My Worship Service Be?


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In this episode myself, Josh, and Fox talk about the age old question.  How loud should our services be?  Some topics:

  • The levels we are running in our services.
  • How the level at your church will likely be different than another church.
  • Why the physical space we are in has an effect on the levels we should run.
  • The need to understand who is in our congregations.
  • How to overcome difficulties among our churches when volume is an issue.
  • The need for the lead pastor and the worship pastor to come together and decided on levels.
  • The levels that are conducive to various styles of worship.
  • Why we need to have a servant’s heart in whatever situation we are in.
  • The danger in trying to copy in our churches what we see when we go to a big worship concert.
  • The need for honor among the leaders at your church.


One Response to “Ask The Collective // Episode 14 // How Loud Should My Worship Service Be?”

  1. Hi, thanks for the episode!! I think you mentioned a decimetre that is an app on a smartphone? If so which one and any placement tips on where to measure it in your venue or is it a totally separate device? Thanks for any help!

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