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Ask the Collective // Episode 11 // Does Theology Matter in Worship?


In this episode myself and Chris talked with Keith Everrett Smith and Tasha Layton Smith about the value of theology in worship.  Some points made:

  • The difference between corporate and private worship.
  • A discussion about the “why” for corporate worship in the first place.
  • The importance of teaching our churches about worship.
  • Partnering with our lead pastors to move our worship culture forward.
  • Some practical advice for how to bring our churches into deeper experiences.
  • Where to start in teaching theology in worship.
  • How the senior pastor is also the lead worship pastor.  What we as the worship leaders can do to help foster our relationship with them.
  • Making an honest assessment of our leading on a week to week basis.
  • Where to find Biblical references for the typical worship motions we ask out of our church (clap your hands, raise your hands, etc.)
  • Why we should think through and prepare what we say on the platform.
  • How we can go about getting our whole team together to be unified in our worship leadership.




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