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Ask the Collective 12 // What if the senior pastor is part of my worship team?


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In this episode myself, Chris, and Adam talk about:

  • What should we do when our senior pastor is part of the worship team.
  • What if our older pastor feels like the younger worship leader is not picking the right music?
  • The need for trust between the lead pastor and the worship leader.
  • Why we need to be intentional about the songs that we pick.
  • How you can work with your senior pastor if you feel like they are really hands on with the worship.
  • Why we need to be open to the thoughts of our worship teams.
  • Passing leadership to those on our worship team.
  • How we need to provide parameters for our team to work with when we pass leadership to them.
  • The need to look at the actual content of every song we do.


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