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Episode 136 // Josh Baldwin

In this episode I had the chance to talk to Josh Baldwin of Bethel Music about: How he went from being a drummer to a worship leader and songwriter. His home church. How he got connected with Bethel Music. Advice for songwriting and working through songs that may not be finished. Growing in the craft […]


Episode 135 // Stephen Christian

In this episode Chris had the chance to talk to Stephen Christian about: His transition from Anberlin to local worship ministry. How songwriting looks different for worship. His latest project Wildfires. Some of the details on what he uses to record with in the studio. Why we need to be careful that the worship stage […]


Episode 133 // Stu G Returns

In this episode myself and Chris Bellamy talked with Stu G about: The beatitudes project. How it evolved to be more than just an album. Thoughts about the upcoming movie. How the story of God’s mercy can be seen throughout the project. All the technical details surrounding the recording of the album. What Stu draws […]


Episode 132 // Elias Dummer

In this episode I had the chance to talk with Elias Dummer of The City Harmonic about: How they’re wrapping up The City Harmonic and what that means for them personally. How to go about ending something well. What it looks like to do ministry in a local church while being a part of a […]