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What’s Your Next Step?


God is always calling us closer to Himself, challenging us to take our next steps towards Him in all the areas of our lives. What is your next step? I want to give you some food for thought to help you submit to the process He’s walking you through to make you ready for what He’s calling you to.


Study God’s Word daily. Make sure you spend quality time in the Bible to get revelation of what the words mean in the here and now. God’s Word always fulfills its purpose (Isa. 55:11), and by pressing in we receive something invaluable. Instead of just learning it by heart, let it soak your heart and become a part of it. Pray daily and conversationally to God, He wants to have a real relationship with you. Speak your mind and heart honestly to Him and listen for His answers. At the right time, they will come. Do you need to pick up that book you sense you should be reading or attend a conference? Make sure that you are getting fed by a steady diet of wisdom from those who have gone before you.


Do you need to reach out to someone, apologize to someone, speak the truth in love to someone, spend time with someone, or has the season come to an end with someone? Some of our relationships are meant only for a season, and we can’t hold on to them too tightly. Do you need to sit down with your spouse to figure out your direction together regarding your family, career or other life issues? Do you have a support team of trusted believers and friends who love you enough to tell you the truth when you need to hear it?


Nothing expands our hearts like serving others. As worship leaders, we can’t be myopic and only think about leading worship and making music. There’s a whole world hurting out there both locally and internationally. Be generous with your finances, time and talents and use them to serve others, whether it’s through supporting charities, serving at a local soup kitchen, joining a short term missions team or visiting local convalescent homes or hospitals. It will do your soul a world of good and give you perspective on what really matters.


The world is full of wasted talent, which is often due to our own sense of entitlement as we expect God to do what is clearly our responsibility. Do you need to sit down with your instrument, pick up a new one, take some vocal lessons, or learn/introduce some new songs? Like in the parable of the talents in Matt. 25:14-29, God expects us to invest into the talents He has given us, so that we will be ready when He is going to move on His promises for us. Don’t miss out on the promise in verse 29, where Jesus says that those who “have will be given more, and they will have an abundance.” Be diligent in all you do, and especially with your talents.


Are you serious about your craft, whatever it might be? Do you have the tools that help your talent shine through for God’s glory? Make the necessary investments to bring Him your best. He will be faithful and give you the resources you need, whether by bringing you extra income or by helping you prioritize between needs and wants, so you’ll skip a few lattes or choose a cheaper car to make following your calling possible.


Do you need to step aside or step down from what you thought was your rightful place? I can promise that God is not done with you until you stop breathing. He might lead you on a season in the wilderness to work on your desires and character, but it will be followed by a new season that requires preparation while you’re waiting for it to start. Whatever your position, learn to hold on very loosely, because God’s ways are always different from ours. He will take us off on tangents to prepare our very souls for what lies ahead, for the great unknown we cannot yet see, but which He sees completely and clearly.


God has a plan for you, and only He knows how you can prepare for it. You need to invest into your future now. Take seriously what He is calling you to do and figure out your next steps by staying more connected to Him than ever before. Be proactive and intentional so that when the time comes, you will be ready for His service.


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