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The Musician and the Heart


When we sing in harmony or play on praise team and execute our roles effectively, we don’t just belt out a harmony that we know “fits” with the melody or plow through our instrumental part regardless of what our team is doing – thereby causing our “incredible individual skill” to take the spotlight; we, instead, adjust our instrument to blend seamlessly with the other instruments that are present – creating the end-product that leads others into worship. We listen, prepare, and adjust to song phrasing and nuances from the worship leader. The worship leader also listens, prepares, and adjusts to the True melody… the True Leader… the Holy Spirit. When any single member attempts to steal the spotlight, the harmony is wrecked. Likewise, we don’t just show up and “wing-it” for truly effective harmony; we prepare it ahead of time with our team’s musicians.

Our personal lives should adopt this method of musical harmony in our walk with the family of God. Our efforts should coordinate with others – in harmony – to accomplish any given task. When we see an opportunity to serve, we do so without aiming for the spotlight (credit), nor should we attempt to walk over another’s tasks just because we may think that “we can do it better” or “I know my part, so others will just have to follow me.”

When we can recognize that none of us are at a higher level or further along the path to righteousness than our brother/sister in our walk with Christ, we recognize that we are walking beside our brothers and sisters. We are in a better position to help lift them up when they stumble – just as we will need help when we ourselves stumble.

So, as musicians, consider what makes an effective praise team – then apply that to every element of your service to the family and to every aspect of your life. This “heart posture” will help ensure that you truly act with a servant’s heart.


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