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David Dunn

In this episode, I had the chance to talk with David Dunn about:

  • His song “I want to go back” and what it looked like for David to write it.
  • Lessons we can learn from kids in our faith-walk.
  • How God can be seen in the midst of very difficult times in our lives.
  • The loss that David and his family felt and how God used that experience to grow their faith.
  • How David’s album is working in the lives of others.
  • Advice for getting involved in music and how God can use every situation to grow us in our calling.
  • What is was like to be on the voice.
  • How God took David to Africa and how that drastically changed the course of David’s life.
  • The importance of looking towards the needs of others and trying to see things through their eyes.

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