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Youth Worship Ministry:

The Importance of Leading Students – An Interview with Nathan Del Turco

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to reconnect with my friend and mentor, Nathan Del Turco.  Nathan is the Pastor of Student Worship at Central Christian Church, which has a total of five campuses across the greater Phoenix metro in Arizona.  His years of experience, knowledge and wisdom as a worship leader and Pastor […]

Youth Worship Ministry:

Is Your Student Band Clicking or Just a Clique?

We all know that in order to develop as a musician, there are certain tools that need to be cultivated and for those of us working with teenagers, we must be sensitive this reality. Michael shares with us the benefits of introducing a click track to your youth band and some best practices when working with a youth based worship ministry.

Youth Worship Ministry:

Youth Worship Ministry // Leading Worship With Students

I come from a community where Student Leadership in Youth Ministry is encouraged and expected. This naturally causes students to lead, play and help plan worship experiences every week. I want to set out and start a dialogue to better serve our churches youth ministries by having student leaders. This means asking and answering some […]

Youth Worship Ministry:

Youth Worship Ministry // How to Involve Youth in Your Worship Service

Seeking. Want to hear something amazing? Are you ready? God is seeking true worshipers! God Himself, the Creator of music, the Creator of fingers, ears and hands, tongues, toes and feet…the Creator of the angels, the same angels who sang with voices that He gave as they praised the wonder of “let there be light” […]